June 19, 2018

NWCT's Annual IT Woman Executive Dinner

NWCT was proud to host our June guest speaker Cindy Leavitt, VP of Computer Services and CIO of Temple University. Cindy has extensive experience in academic institutions. Prior to her role as CIO at Temple University she was theDeputy CIO of the Medical School and the University as well as the Director of eResearch at the University of Michigan for an impressive 14 years before transitioning to Temple University. Cindy has a combined total of over 3 decades within the IT industry.

Cindy is a dynamic speaker and story teller, who will be discussing leadership and how leadership is about who you are as a person and not about your title or your specific situation. She will be sharing how our internal stories shape the way we see and approach different situations. Cindy will help us to empower ourselves to create endings that will exceed our expectations.

February 20, 2018

Kelly Hoey, Author of Build Your Dream Network

NWCT hosted an amazing networking hour with acclaimed networking guru Kelly Hoey, whose book BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK helps readers build and activate powerful networks to achieve both their long and short-term goals.

Kelly Hoey is a writer, investor, connector, and networking expert, lauded everywhere from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company (“25 Smartest Women On Twitter”). In BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK, she reframes networking for the modern era, where everyone is posting, liking and friending fast and furious but failing to leverage their connections thoughtfully.

However the reality is that whether landing a new client, new job, or a coveted board seat, most business and career problems today have networking solutions. Kelly will teach us how to master networking in the modern age, including a few of her signature tricks and best practices, and show how small changes to our daily routine, simple generosity, and goal-focused planning can lead to big opportunities.

Kelly is a networking-guru for our times, if there ever was one – and by attending this event, we hope you’ll be able to take advantage of her fresh advice right away.

It was an inspiring evening. Kelly is a wonderful speaker everyone came away armed with many useful tips to build a dream network.

Connect with Kelly here:





January 16, 2018

Leadership through the eyes of Multicultural Women in Technology

Women Tech Leaders representing different ethnicity and cultures came together for a spirited and lively discussion on what it means to be a multicultural leader and the important role multicultural leadership plays in today’s interconnected world to broaden management toolkit and perspectives.

Participants on the panel included:

Cathy Beech, CISO at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Jumoke Dada, Founder, Tech Women Network

Yasmine Abdillahi - Senior Director Risk Management, NBC Universal Media

Our own NWCT President Marianna Kind, Business Intelligence Manager at Comcast

Laura Sicola, PhD, Founder of Vocal Impact Productions “Discover Your Leadership Voice”, was the moderator of the panel

They shed light on their experiences as Multicultural Females in leadership roles.

October 17, 2018

Arcweb Technologies and IntePros Consulting welcomed Stuart Diamond, award winning author of "Getting More"

Whoever said "Nice guys (or gals) finish last!??". Don't tell that to Stuart Diamond, Pulitzer prize winning and New York Times best selling author of "Getting More". The book has been used by Google to train 12,000 employees, world wide. Stuart joined us October 17, 2017 and led a fascinating session.

Professor Stuart Diamond received a number of requests for individual training and advice on negotiation, following his very well received presentation to NWCT at the Radnor Hotel on Oct. 17.

He conducts workshops open to the public twice a year in Philadelphia. The next one is Jan. 22-23 at the Inn At Penn on the U Penn campus. It is a two-day course, based on his innovative negotiation methods, focusing on collaboration, perceptions, emotional intelligence and cultural diversity.

People attend from as far as Asia and Europe; the course focuses on how to become more empowered and persuasive in both work and life. It is based on his NY Times bestseller, Getting More, and his negotiations course at The Wharton School of business, where it has been the most sought after course over the past 20 years.

The model has been widely used by Google, U.S. Special Operations, numerous companies and is considered especially useful for women in eliminating the gender gap.

Information about registering can be found by logging on to www.gettingmore.com and clicking on the orange ribbon at the top of the home page. Or you can contact Prof. Diamond directly, at sd@gettingmore.com or 516-443-8800.

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