January 16, 2018

Leadership through the eyes of Multicultural Women in Technology

Women Tech Leaders representing different ethnicity and cultures came together for a spirited and lively discussion on what it means to be a multicultural leader and the important role multicultural leadership plays in today’s interconnected world to broaden management toolkit and perspectives.

Participants on the panel included:

        • Cathy Beech, CISO at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 
        • Jumoke Dada, Founder, Tech Women Network
        • Yasmine Abdillahi - Senior Director Risk Management, NBCUniversal Media
        • Our own NWCT President Marianna Kind, Business Intelligence Manager at Comcast

Laura Sicola, PhD, Founder of Vocal Impact Productions “Discover Your Leadership Voice”,  was the moderator of the panel.  

They  shed light on their experiences as Multicultural Females in leadership roles. 

On Tuesday, October 17, Arcweb Technologies and IntePros Consulting welcomed Stuart Diamond, award winning author of "Getting More"

Whoever said "Nice guys (or gals) finish last!??".  Don't tell that to Stuart Diamond, Pulitzer prize winning and New York Times best selling author of "Getting More".  The book has been used by Google to train 12,000 employees, world wide.  Stuart joined us October 17, 2017 and led a fascinating session. 

Professor Stuart Diamond received a number of requests for individual training and advice on negotiation, following his very well received presentation to NWCT at the Radnor Hotel on Oct. 17. 

He conducts workshops open to the public twice a year in Philadelphia. The next one is Jan. 22-23 at the Inn At Penn on the U Penn campus. It is a two-day course, based on his innovative negotiation methods, focusing on collaboration, perceptions, emotional intelligence and cultural diversity. 

People attend from as far as Asia and Europe; the course focuses on how to become more empowered and persuasive in both work and life. It is based on his NY Times bestseller, Getting More, and his negotiations course at The Wharton School of business, where it has been the most sought after course over the past 20 years. 

The model has been widely used by Google, U.S. Special Operations, numerous companies and is considered especially useful for women in eliminating the gender gap. 

Information about registering can be found by logging onto www.gettingmore.com and clicking on the orange ribbon at the top of the home page. 

Or you can contact Prof. Diamond directly, at sd@gettingmore.com or 516-443-8800.

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